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Cosmetic Surgery

Hayden Medical Inc. offers the highest quality German stainless steel and tungsten carbide instrumentation for cosmetic surgery procedures. Our line of products includes breast retractors, handheld retractors, fiberoptic breast retractors, calipers, markers, rhytidectomy scissors, rake retractors & thumb hooks.


Hayden Endo Facelift Shaper Dissectors

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Frontal Glabellar Dissector

Frontal Glabellar Dissector405-316Shaper Frontal Glabellar Dissector, S shaped, tapered and rounded tipwith gold Ergo handle, 10-1/2" (26cm)

Flap Dissector

Flap Dissector405-318Shaper Flap Dissector, straight, 10mm wide Langenbeck chisel tipwith gold Ergo handle, 8-3/4" (22.5cm)


Dissector405-320Shaper Dissector, straight, 7mm wide Cottle tipwith gold Ergo handle, 9-1/2" (24cm)

Temporal Dissector

Temporal Dissector405-322Shaper Temporal Dissector, straight, concave shovel tipwith gold Ergo handle, 9-1/4" (23.5cm)

Orbital Rim Dissector

Orbital Rim Dissector405-324Shaper Orbital Rim Dissector, half curved, with gold Ergo handle

Suction Elevator

Suction Elevator405-336Shaper Suction Elevator, slightly curved round edge, 8mm wide

Nerve Hooks

Image Coming Soon!405-326Shaper Nerve Hook, right curved, with gold Ergo handle, 9-1/2" (24cm)
405-328Shaper Nerve Hook, left curved, with gold Ergo handle, 9-1/2" (24cm)
405-329Shaper Nerve Hook, slightly malleable with graduations, 9-1/4" (23.5cm)

Nerve Protectors

Nerve Protectors405-330Shaper Nerve Protector, right curved, with gold round handle, 6-3/4" (17cm)
405-332Shaper Nerve Protector, left curved, with gold round handle, 6-3/4" (17cm)

Maryland Dissecting Forceps
Endoplastic Micro Dissectors, Forceps, & Scissors Maryland Dissecting Forceps405-380Endoplastic Micro Maryland Dissecting Forceps, curved jaw, 3mm diameter, curved shaft, rotating, insulated, detachable carbon fiber handle

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